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OHES works at the interface between business and the environment and as such we appreciate that our clients are most concerned with the issues that affect their business first and foremost. We also appreciate that, whilst many environmental issues are common across all markets, the business challenges and opportunities presented to our clients differ greatly from sector to sector.

This is why we have invested significant resources into understanding the critical factors our clients face in their particular markets. It is not good enough to suggest that one size fits all, so our experienced teams are trained to understand the business impact of environmental issues and we respond to them accordingly.

To ensure that we offer our clients the best and most appropriate advice we have identified a number of market sectors where we have built our knowledge and awareness of key trends and patterns. This bespoke approach enables us to solve problems quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.


OHES was originally established to provide a specialist environmental response, investigation and remediation service to the insurance sector. Whilst the business has grown and diversified this sector remains at our core and we continue to provide a market leading service to insurers, brokers and loss adjusters.


Water and power generation, wholesale and retail fuel

The imposition of ever-increasing fines, penalties and threat of reputational damage following pollution incidents is a real commercial risk to this sector. We help utility, power generation and fuel providers tackle the challenges of ageing networks and a shifting energy landscape through expert consultancy to keep you compliant with the right mix of innovation and infrastructure management.

Transport, manufacturing and chemical

We work with manufacturers, airports, rail operators, road transport and logistics operators, and ports and harbours to maintain critical infrastructure and assets, install new infrastructure, and manage your environmental risks through enhanced preparedness and effective response so that you can ensure compliance with environmental regulations, reduce downtime, and achieve your sustainability ambitions.

Construction and infrastructure

Development and the environment encounter each other every day. Whether this is on brownfield sites with a history of contamination or greenfield sites where protected species are present, construction and the environment come into contact frequently and problems can undoubtedly arise. These issues can be costly and significantly delay development projects and when managed incorrectly can damage the reputation of your business.

Your environmental risk reduction partner, ensuring the safety of your people, property, reputation and the environment

Our experts are on hand to provide tailored investigation, consultancy, response and remediation services to help you balance commercial objectives and environmental compliance.

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