Land transaction and development

Understand, manage and reduce geotechnical and environmental risks in land transactions and development.

We help investors, owners, operators and developers to understand, manage and reduce their geotechnical and environmental risks in land transactions and development.

By combining technical expertise and a commercially focused approach, we find solutions to manage and reduce risk, so that you can achieve your business and sustainability goals.

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We offer solutions to best structure the deal to meet the client's needs and what measures are needed to reduce environmental risks. No two projects are the same, and each project needs to be delivered in a way to meet its specific requirements.

Flexible and commercially focused

Our responsive and flexible approach means we can provide advice on very short timescales. Understanding and protecting our client's interest is our priority.

Project experience

We have advised on transactions involving thousands of properties with some of the most contaminated sites and complex liabilities across the UK and Ireland. We understand the actual risks and not just theory.

Individual experience

Many of our experienced consultants are ex-regulators. They are supported by 120+ consultants with over 1,000 years collective experience.

Trusted partner

We are trusted by investment funds, REITs, commercial property owners/occupiers, industrial operators, lawyers, building surveyors, property agents, asset managers, and developers.

What is contaminated land?

This is a wide-ranging term used to describe the impact to soil and water from historical human activity. Land contamination is caused by a variety of past uses including historical industrial use, disposal of waste materials (licenced and unlicensed) and the importation of material to raise ground levels. In some cases, contamination of soils can occur due to natural occurring compounds, typically metals.

In some cases, where there is a possibility that harm could be caused to certain water bodies, human health and ecology, land impacted by contamination can be determined as ‘contaminated land’. This has a specific legal definition set out in Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act.

Known as the model procedures for the Management of Land Contamination, LCRM sets outs the guiding principles and processes for the assessment and remediation of land contamination. The document is designed to ensure all environmental assessments are undertaken in accordance with government policies and / or legislation within the UK.

The environmental assessment is designed to assess and address risks to:

  • Human health
  • Property (existing or proposed) including buildings, crops, livestock, pets, woodland and service lines and pipes
  • Adjoining land
  • Groundwaters and surface waters
  • Ecological systems
  • Archaeological sites and ancient monuments

Contaminated Land can present numerous commercial, technical, and legal challenges all of which generate uncertainty, cost, and delay when land is being bought, sold, or redeveloped. We strongly believe that the key to managing land affected by contamination, and the successful completion of any land development project, comes from straightforward, concise, and timely advice which quantifies risks and delivers value.

Your environmental risk reduction partner, ensuring the safety of your people, property, reputation and the environment

Our experts are on hand to provide tailored investigation, consultancy, response and remediation services to help you balance commercial objectives and environmental compliance.

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