Environmental claims

Major and complex loss

Major and complex loss insurance claims.

When the worst happens, companies, insurers, the public and the environment can all be at risk of damage or corporate and financial exposure. It is at these times that it is essential to have a partner who will protect and minimise this exposure.

We have considerable experience in responding to major and complex loss insurance claims where property, human health or the environment are at risk from pollution or contamination.

Our multidisciplinary teams are available to deploy 24/7 to ensure damage is minimised and situations are brought rapidly under control. We quickly identify priorities, mitigate damage, and manage environmental regulatory involvement.

Our team are used to working with the emergency services. We can provide expert specialist chemical, health and safety, and first aid advice to the incident scene within minutes of being contacted. Our UK Spill-accredited emergency response teams are highly trained and aim to bring about rapid containment of pollutants to protect the environment and minimise insurance claim costs.

Our nationwide coverage and extensive network of contacts provides the resilience required to respond to major environmental incidents.

We maintain our commitment following any emergency phase by providing comprehensive and pragmatic remediation solutions and restoration services at all times and by providing the best possible support, advice and protection to our insurance and loss adjuster clients.

Our vast experience of working with insurers and adjusters following major pollution or contamination events means that we fully understand the need for regular, clear communication with all stakeholders, to ensure expectations are fully managed with costs and disruption minimised.

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