Chemical compliance and training

Chemical safety

Chemical safety.

We help manufacturers, distributors and transport agents for chemical products to remain compliant with transport and supply legislation, including CLP, GHS, REACH and DGSA advice.

As countries around the world develop their chemical regulatory regimes, our expert team of chemical compliance advisors ensure you keep up with developments, saving you time and providing a cost-effective means of meeting your regulatory obligations.


  • Qualified DGSAs and chemists in-house to provide advice or act as your representative DGSA.
  • Comply with ADR legislation
  • Expert knowledge of CLP, GHS and REACH regulations.
  • Ensure your SDS remain compliant with GB and EU REACH legislation.
  • SDS thoroughly reviewed by hand with translation if necessary, tailored to the specific customer.

Safety Data Sheets and labelling advice

All substances and mixtures should be classified to GB or EU CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation). Safety Data Sheets (SDS) must be supplied with substances and mixtures that are hazardous to heath, in accordance with the GB or EU REACH Regulations.

There is now divergence between the GB (or UK) regulations and the EU 27. Several changes to SDS have come into play since 2022 and we are able to advise on this to ensure your SDS and labels remain complaint for the areas that you supply products into.

In addition, we offer an SDS authoring and translation service for supply to the EU.

There may also be a requirement to supply additional information in the SDS under REACH (GB or EU), relating to exposure scenarios. Our experts can advise on this.

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