Chemical compliance and training

Ensure compliance with chemical legislation through safety, training, 24/7 contracted specialist chemical advice, and transport of dangerous goods.

We help fuel distributors, ADR transport operators, manufacturing, and processing facilities to remain compliant with chemical legislation including the Carriage of Dangerous Goods, DGSA, ADR, and REACH through 24/7 contracted specialist chemical advice, compliance services and training.

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  • Qualified DGSAs in-house to provide advice or act as your representative DGSA.
  • Expert knowledge of CLP, GHS, CDG, ADR and REACH regulations.
  • All advisors are DGSA qualified and hold chemistry degrees.
  • 24/7 emergency chemical advice (level 1 response).
  • Response is compliant with the Chemsafe Liaison Group publication Chemsafe - Assistance in Chemical Distribution Emergencies.


Advice line customers are given a dedicated unique phone number.


All calls to number are recorded and detailed reports are available to the client.

Additional capability

Response incident management and clean-up provided through wider group company Adler and Allan.


The wider group can deliver hazardous materials asset installation, inspection, and maintenance as well as processing.

Your environmental risk reduction partner, ensuring the safety of your people, property, reputation and the environment

Our experts are on hand to provide tailored investigation, consultancy, response and remediation services to help you balance commercial objectives and environmental compliance.

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