Environmental claims

Motor claims

Environmental claims management for motor incidents.

At OHES, we understand the priorities unique to motor claims and use our experience to anticipate and manage the distinctive challenges that come with dealing with environmental incidents relating to transport of hazardous goods.

OHES offers an environmental claims management service at the highest level with unrivalled emergency response capability and bespoke site investigation and remediation approaches.

The service is designed to support our insurance partners throughout the lifecycle of an insured event where either property or the environment is impacted by pollution.

Our experts are experienced in of dealing with complex projects in dynamic situations and go above and beyond what is required to resolve the claim.


  • Over 15,000 incidents with no clients prosecuted for causing pollution where OHES managed the initial response.
  • Unrivalled 24/7/365 in-house incident line with expert incident advisors on hand to manage any environmental emergencies.
  • All incidents are managed by dedicated project handlers with typically at least 5 years of industry experience.
  • Experienced in managing incidents in a range of environmental settings from domestic properties through highway incidents to large scale train derailments. 

National coverage

150 consultants with over 1,000 years of collective experience specialising in environmental incidents operating from locations across the UK and Ireland.


Established in 2002, OHES experts have an extensive track record of managing oil and hazardous material losses for the insurance industry.


Appointment of a dedicated senior project manager supported by a 24/7/365 incident management team meaning we can deal with any challenges day or night.


Supported by a network of trusted emergency environmental response providers, on average OHES will arrive at the scene of the incident in less than 3 hours from first notification.
Everything went smoothly! OHES made what was a disaster much easier to deal with. They also made me feel confident that the problem would be fixed to a standard that I would be happy with, while minimising the disruption to my business.

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