Habitat restoration

Habitat restoration, creation, and management.

We work with wildlife trusts, conservation bodies and commercial organisations to provide end-to-end, sustainable, and cost-effective design solutions for habitat restoration and biodiversity net-gain through our knowledge of aquatic and terrestrial habitats.

Our team have a proven track record in designing and delivering habitat improvement projects in a range of situations, often at high profile, designated sites.

Features and outputs

  • Expert surveys to understand your site.
  • Feasibility studies and detailed designs for new habitats.
  • Support with planning application and licensing process.
  • Support with contractor tendering and groundworks supervision.
  • Design and deliver post-works monitoring to measure effectiveness of strategy.

Long-term relationships

This mean we are trusted by our clients to design and monitor the efficacy of our habitat design service over extended periods of time, ultimately leading to multiple project phases.

Niche expertise

We work on a number of niche projects for clients such as RSPB, Environment Agency, and the Broads Authority.

Biodiversity net gain

Our advice in this area adheres to Natural England’s statutory Biodiversity Metric 3.1.

The process

Understand your site

Our experts perform topographic, soil, ecological and hydrological surveys to investigate how each site operates, the processes affecting it, constraints on water levels, neighbouring land etc.

Design new habitat

Our experts can provide feasibility studies and detailed designs for the new habitats on site ranging from simple de-silting of an attenuation basin on an industrial site, through to creating hundreds of hectares of wetland from scratch, or restoring a site after a pollution incident.

Consultation phase

We work closely with stakeholders such as Natural England, The Environment Agency, Internal Drainage Boards, utility providers and County Councils to agree a final design which provides multiple benefits to all.

Planning application and project supervision

We can support with the planning application and licencing process to ensure all legal obligations are met. We are also able to offer support during post design elements such as tendering for contractors and site supervision during the groundworks stage.


We can design and deliver the post works monitoring necessary to ensure a project is meeting its objectives and advise on the long term management of a site.

Our services include

  • All types of habitat creation
  • Management advice and plans for existing habitats
  • Providing biodiversity net gain
  • Site investigation (such as topographic, bathymetric (depth), soils and hydrological surveys) and assessment of habitat condition
  • Lowland and upland peat restoration
  • Catchment nutrient studies and offsetting
  • Troubleshooting sites in unfavourable condition
  • Natural Flood Management advice – wetlands as means of flood remediation
  • Carbon storage – offsetting emissions through the restoration of peat soils

Biodiversity net-gain

Biodiversity net-gain (BGN) is an approach to development, and/or land management, that aims to leave the natural environment in a measurably better state than it was beforehand.

The Environment Act 2021 makes it mandatory for any new development to deliver a 10% net gain on the biodiversity of its aquatic and terrestrial environments and schemes will need to be monitored for 30 years.

Our experts will assess your site to understand the current condition. We will then provide a plan to secure a net gain to enhance the areas that are not disturbed by development and create off-site net gain if needed.

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