Enhancing your environmental risk management to prevent pollution

Helping you achieve better business and environmental outcomes.


To understand your environment and the impact your operations have on it you need a partner you can trust to provide strategic advice and fast response.

We help organisations understand and monitor the environment to reduce risk and enhance performance, so that they can ensure compliance and environmental quality, increase biodiversity, and achieve their sustainability, development, and investment goals, through expert advice and bespoke, pragmatic, commercially focused solutions.

Hazard vs risk

A hazard has the potential to do harm to you or the environment. A risk is the likelihood of a hazard causing harm.

The Source–Pathway–Receptor model

Our consultants operate using the Source–Pathway–Receptor model to identify pollutant linkages.

The model describes the flow of environmental pollutants from a source, through different pathways to potential receptors. An environmental risk will contain all three. A source describes the source of pollution such as a spillage incident. The pathway allows the hazard to cause harm. A receptor is something that could be harmed like a river. All three together creates a pollutant linkage.

Informed, integrous, independent advice

  • Worried about regulatory enforcement, operational downtime, and reputation damage from a pollution incident?
  • Selling part of your operation but worried its environmental condition will negatively affect the price?
  • Struggling to win contracts because your ESG offering is not strong enough?
  • Had a loss of product and need an experienced partner to handle your environmental claim?

Your environment is fundamental to the success of your operation. As your environmental partner, it is fundamental to ours.

How we help


Regulatory mindset

Our understanding of the regulators is second to none as many of our people are former regulators themselves

Turnkey solutions

Backed by a large, practical environmental services group providing end-to-end solutions


We respond to and manage over 1,000 environmental spills every year


Voted best inland and marine responders in 2022, by the UK & Ireland Spill Association.


Successfully dealt with some of the most polluted, dangerous, hazardous sites in the country.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank OHES for producing such a clear and comprehensive report. In addition, both your and your client's co-operation throughout the incident was invaluable in ensuring that the environmental impact was minimised.

Environment Agency, Midlands

Responding quickly, remediating for the long term

If a pollution incident isn’t managed correctly, it can have a far-reaching impact on the environment around your operation. Our experts can respond to any pollution incident 24/7 365, offering consultancy-led advice and remediation strategies to restore your sites environment to its former state.

Providing vital evidence of environmental responsibility

We are a trusted partner to the major water companies, providing vital evidence to the Environment Agency of their environmental responsibility. Our teams conduct assessments of water quality monitoring rivers and lakes for diffuse and point source pollution as well as performing high-level, catchment-wide nutrients investigations.

Managing environmental claims

We support our loss adjuster and insurance partners through the whole lifecycle of an insured event where either property or the environment is contaminated by pollution with our response, site investigation, and remediation services.

Your environmental risk reduction partner, ensuring the safety of your people, property, reputation and the environment

Our experts are on hand to provide tailored investigation, consultancy, response and remediation services to help you balance commercial objectives and environmental compliance.

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