Environmental risk management

Environmental risk assessment

Understand and manage your sites’ environmental risks.

Our environmental risk audit will help you understand and manage your sites’ environmental risks and suggest strategies to reduce them.

Our qualitative risk assessment is combined with a quantitative risk matrix to help you prioritise your planned preventative maintenance strategy or remediation works.

All operators of sites used to store bulk hazardous materials must use what is often referred to as best available techniques (BAT) to prevent or minimise the impact of pollution. The risk must be reduced to a point where it can be deemed to be 'As Low as Reasonably Practicable' (ALARP). This means that pollution prevention measures in place have to be proportionate based on the potential for contamination to occur and the site's environmental risk.

How well do you know your site and potential impacts?

  • Do you know that less obvious things such as hot water, sediment and milk can also be hazardous?
  • Do you know what sensitive features could be affected?
  • Do you fully understand all the pathways through which contaminants could migrate and impact upon these receptors?

You might know the obvious, for example those you can see like a river next door, but you may not be aware of groundwater, rivers farther afield or ecology etc.

We can undertake an environmental risk audit in any location from inland to marine.

Our environmental risk audit will help you to demonstrate good environmental practices, reduce business interruption, legal action and heavy and increasing fines from regulators, while maintaining your reputation. The information can also be used to help design site specific incident response plans.

Features and outputs

  • A fully trained and impartial consultant on-site.
  • A detailed, bespoke environmental risk audit report including desk research, on-site audit and flood assessment.
  • A full and comprehensive set of recommendations and remediation actions.
  • Access to our specialist products, engineers, and consultants.
  • For multiple site operators, the results can be included within a bespoke risk model to allow a comparison of risk across your portfolio.

Understand risk

Our knowledge, expertise, and experience enable you to fully understand all pollution sources, pathways, and receptors so that you are clear about your risks and understand what is necessary to reduce the risks identified.

Maximum efficiency

Our information will help you target resources to sites or areas where you will achieve maximum benefit.

Prioritise PPM

Qualitative risk assessment is combined with quantitative risk matrix to help you prioritise your planned preventative maintenance strategy or remediation works.

Trusted partner

We are a trusted source of environmental risk knowledge, support, and solutions by some of the largest major operators across the UK and Ireland.


We have seen the impact when risks have been realised more than anyone else, so our clients can benefit from this knowledge and experience.

Why is it important to have an environmental risk audit?

The law requires anyone who owns or operates on land to understand and act upon the environmental risks associated with it.

Our environmental risk audit uncovers these risks and recommends actions that can be taken to help you and your business demonstrate good environmental practices and reduce negative impacts on the environment.

What is involved in an environmental risk audit?

The initial phase of an environmental risk audit is desk research, undertaken by skilled consultants who scrutinise maps, plans and historical and environmental data to get an understanding of the site. This looks at what sources of contamination there are as well as what might be impacted and how.

Armed with that knowledge a consultant will then visit your site for an on-site audit where we will assess assets and risks.

From this a detailed, bespoke environmental risk audit report will be produced. This will identify areas where high environmental risks are present, clearly highlighting the elements you should be most concerned about and recommend what measures should be taken to reduce these risks.

What information is contained in the audit?

You will receive an initial assessment of the condition of your critical assets such as drainage, tanks, bunds, and separators. We will assess factors such as groundwater, rivers or residents that could be affected by your operations giving you a detailed risk matrix considering the scale of sensitivity, contamination potential and probable impact levels. This will help you make the best decision on where to prioritise your planned preventative maintenance strategy or remediation works.

What happens if high risks are identified?

If potential issues are identified at your site, we offer a wide range of services aimed at resolving infrastructure issues (tanks, containment. separators, etc) and reducing your environmental risks.

Your environmental risk reduction partner, ensuring the safety of your people, property, reputation and the environment

Our experts are on hand to provide tailored investigation, consultancy, response and remediation services to help you balance commercial objectives and environmental compliance.

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