• Classification, Labelling and Supply
    (CLP) Legislation Training

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Classification, Labelling and Supply (CLP) Legislation Training

CLP legislation enforces the Global Harmonisation System (GHS) in the EU. It requires re-classification of many substances and mixtures. CLP affects everyone who uses chemicals. The government are not providing any official guidance on the legislation, therefore, the responsibility to educate the general public falls on manufacturers, importers and distributors of chemical products.

OHES Environmental has a team of consultants who can help advise on CLP compliance.

We offer a one-day course designed for staff involved in the handling, distribution and use of chemical products to:

  • Improve the delegate’s working knowledge of CLP legislation and how to comply with it
  • Recognise the hazards on displayed on labels
  • Understand Hazard and Precaution statements
  • Explain how safety data sheets (SDS) must be CLP compliant and how to recognise this

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