Sustainable Remediation Solutions

Sustainable Remediation Solutions

When faced with contaminated soils, groundwater or building structures, there are a number of remediation options available to achieve the end goal of acceptable risk to identified receptors. Options may be driven by the severity of contamination, the environmental setting, the accessibility of contamination, timescales, regulatory pressure and the end target for the remediation. More recently, EA guidance has required that the sustainability of a remedial solution also be considered as part of the options appraisal.

At OHES we have access to a full range of in-house remediation technologies from traditional dig and dump and pump and treat right through to sophisticated leading edge technologies such as our patented ecotrac systems designed, built, programmed, deployed and monitored by OHES remediation specialists.

Our innovative approach ensures that our remediation schemes, which may constitute a combination of technologies, are fit for purpose, cost effective and deliver results.

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Ecotrac is a bespoke range of advanced sustainable remediation systems designed by OHES to offer performance, quality and value. Ecotrac is unique to OHES, only used on our own projects and is the result of many years of practical experience and testing at our R&D suite at Tewkesbury.

In essence, Ecotrac is a multi-model unit, which has been designed, built and programmed by our remediation specialists, capable of performing a wide range of remediation applications when deployed in the field.

Ecotrac can be programmed and set up for many applications including:

  • Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE)
  • Product Recovery
  • Pump & Treat
  • Vapour Control

The real time telematics built in to each unit enable OHES staff to interrogate and control the unit remotely.

Deployment of the units can reduce or eliminate soil disposal costs, the remote control function minimises maintenance visits which brings savings to clients. Output data such as VOC levels, product volume recovered etc can be used to demonstrate the efficacy of the system and ensures remedial projects are closed at the earliest opportunity. The design and sound proofing of the units ensures minimal disturbance to site occupiers.

We are extremely proud of our Ecotrac service and would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate its full capabilities.