Sectors Airports


At OHES we have deep knowledge in our chosen sectors which enable us to provide pragmatic and cost effective advice to our sector partners. Britain’s airports have never been in the public eye as much as they have over recent years and with increasing demands on our air transportation infrastructure it is likely that this high level of interest, pressure and, at times, political controversy, will be maintained for the foreseeable future.

In such a climate is even more critical that airport operations remain compliant with environmental regulatory requirements and do not pollute the local environment. We work with some of the largest airports in the country under contract to ensure regulatory compliance and provide the following services to assist them with their operations:

  • Routine water quality monitoring programmes (chemical and biological) – including interpretation and reporting, using our “AquaTic” product
  • Reactive water quality monitoring and pollution mitigation following use of de-icers
  • Water quality monitoring during construction works
  • Environmental Risk Management Auditing of Fuel Storage facilities and Fire Training areas
  • Spillage Response – on and off site
  • 24-7 Emergency Advice for chemical incidents in cargo handling areas
  • Management of Contaminated Land

We have airside insurance cover and have successfully retained contracts due to high levels of service and quality and a genuine understanding of the issues specific to this sector.