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Providing Environmental Solutions

OHES’s approach to what we do is to be totally customer focused. The environmental market is wide ranging with a huge array of services available to clients. This does not make the selection of these services easy for many organisations that we deal with. We feel it is important to understand the dynamics and nuances of a particular market place before we offer our services to it. To that end our business strategy is centred on aligning ourselves and our partners with sectors where we can demonstrate genuine expertise and thought leadership.

We augment this by creating and assembling product bundles which are designed to solve environmental and business problems that are specific to that market place. Our focus is on providing our clients with tailored and relevant services rather than taking a scattergun approach where we hope the market finds what we offer. The feedback we receive on products like:

  • 123 Spill Response,
  • Spill Protect,
  • EnviroConstruct
  • Dangerous Goods Solutions

shows that the market is looking for the intelligent, business focused approach we take.

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