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OHES leads the way with the latest remediation technology ........ "Ecotrac" Check out our Case studies that feature Ecotrac technologies.

Our Services

Environmental Claims

Our Environmental Claims, response, site investigation and remediation service is uniquely designed to support our loss adjuster and insurance partners throughout the whole lifecycle of an insured event where either property or the environment is contaminated by pollution.

Contaminated Land

OHES strongly believes that the key to managing land affected by contamination, and the successful completion of any land development project, comes from straightforward, concise and timely advice which quantifies risks and delivers value.

Spill Response

OHES Spillage Response teams available to respond to your spillage incident 24/7. In over 8,000 incidents we have NEVER had a client prosecuted for causing pollution where OHES managed the initial response.

Ecology & Fisheries

Our team of experienced ecologists and scientists bring a creative, flexible, and pragmatic approach to a range of ecological disciplines. Our clients enjoy a high quality service and outcomes because we are specialists in each of our fields, often with regulatory experience.

Water Quality

OHES has a very successful track record of conducting a wide range of water quality monitoring programmes and investigations across the UK. We offer bespoke monitoring packages including monitoring programmes, design, sampling, analysis and comprehensive reporting services.


OHES provides specialist training to clients involved in the manufacture, storage, distribution or end use of materials which can cause damage to health or the environment. We also work with a number of industry sectors where their activities carry a risk of pollution of the environment.